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PET Bottle Recycling Plant

bottle rec

bottle rec2

Detail Information:

  • main flow: baler break— label remove— crush— wash— dewater— dry— stock.
  • Include: baler breaker, sorting platform, belt conveyor, label remover, sorting platform, belt conveyor, crusher, screw loader, single or double screws washing tank, screw loader, steam washing machine, screw discharger, friction washer, single or double screw washing tank, dewatering machine, drying machine, storage hopper etc.
  • Working principle: This PET bottle recycling machine, separate label by label remover, crush bottles into flakes, remove the earth and sand though hot washer, friction washer, and washing tank, than, dewater and dry to get clean PET flakes.
  • The capacity :300kg/h-3000kg/h, we can accord to custom’s requirements to choose suitable machines.

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